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I am


I support and guide people who have experienced trauma. 
I teach people how to




from trauma by bridging science and spirituality, all while integrating traditional and innovative, clinically-based treatment interventions. 

I show you how to


your true self.

Trauma creates change you don't choose.

Healing is about creating change you do choose.

-Michelle Rosenthal

The daily fight can be SO hard, and it starts when you wake up.

You open your eyes, and you awake to another day, a new day, but the problem is that it's a different day, same story. 

Nothing ever seems to change.

Life just is, you kind of feel like a victim of your circumstances.

Another day, another problem.

You often wonder why you aren't one of the lucky ones who gets to have an easy life. 


Your string of "bad luck" all started for you years ago.

Maybe it's the out of control anger, the short temper, the crawling out of your skin anxiety, or the overwhelming sadness and depression.

Maybe it's also the non-stop thoughts- you can't focus and you can't slow down, your mind is always wandering and you are usually thinking about all of the bad things that have happened OR that could happen.

And to top it off, you just can't seem to get things right.

It's like you constantly eff things up, no matter how hard you try not to.

You make mistakes, and you recognize that you've made mistakes, but for some reason, you keep repeating the same patterns OVER and OVER.


You often wonder and wish for things to be different and to be better.

You pray and beg asking for answers.

You haven't prayed in years, but you are just so desperate for something, anything to be DIFFERENT

You've even tried therapy once or twice, or even several times.

Each time you start with a new therapist, there's a slight glimmer of hope, but it quickly fades when you find yourself talking and nothing changing.

You've banished therapy from your life. 


You convince yourself that nothing ever've lost faith.

You've lost hope.

You feel powerless....LOST....DONE...

You say you are done...and I understand that because I KNOW you, I AM you, and I know that deep in your soul, there is the smallest burning ember just waiting to be ignited.

You see, that spark within you can never go out.

It's there, JUST waiting to be seen, nurtured, and understood. 



And once that fire starts burning again,

the transformation can begin.

By definition, TRAUMA is the response to deeply distressing or disturbing events that overwhelm the ability for one to cope, causing overwhelming emotions and challenges with thinking and decision-making. Traumatic events can also be perceptual and uniquely individualized based on a person's life history and genetic predispositions. 

Experiencing trauma in life is destructive to our well-being and disruptive to our ability to navigate our lives in a way that is in our greatest good. As a seasoned TRAUMA THERAPIST and an individual who has experienced multiple traumas, I don't believe that any of us are immune to being exposed to trauma. 

With that said, what I do believe is that WE can ALL heal from trauma as long as we have the right support and the right tools. 


Tara Therese, Ph.D, LCSW-R


Can science and spirituality coexist? As a generally scientific person who has spent years involved in several research studies, served as an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate students about Research and Statistics, and currently about to defend my dissertation, I can say that I have an affinity towards scientific research. However, as a seasoned clinician, who has worked with active duty service members, law enforcement, members of uniformed services, mothers, and other individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives for the past 15 years, there is a strong aspect of both life and of healing that appears to defy science...enter spirituality. How could so many individuals who have experienced such adversity in their lives move through treatment successfully and also experience miraculous change? The evidence-based EMDR therapy that I incorporate into treatment definitely played a strong role, but at times, healing was so dramatic that I wondered if there could be more.

A few years ago, I began a disciplined, dedicated, and daily mindfulness practice.  Daily meditation was creating tremendous shifts in my thought patterns that I was experiencing rather quickly.  Further, as I maintained this practice, I began to recognize in a very profound way that there was something much greater than me very intimately involved in every aspect of my being. As I progressed, I experienced my own adversities, and as that happened, I sought the science that always seemed to have the answers. What I discovered was that science - molecular biology, physics, quantum physics were all asserting what I had come to know through my meditation practice - that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, and we co-create our lives and our experiences with a divine force. I discovered that I could incorporate my “scientific” interventions with divinely-inspired and mindfulness related education as a method for guiding individuals to transform their lives in ways that they never thought or believed possible.

This catalyst transformed the work that I do, and it deepened my desire to develop ways to engage and assist more individuals. The work that I do transforms individuals lives, and it enables and empowers them to take the learned skills and easily incorporate them into their lives - quickly - and with tangible results.

  • Education of the neurobiology of trauma and its effects

  • Education of the brain, in particular traumatic thought processes

  • Education on the science of energy and quantum mechanics as it relates to trauma and healing from trauma

  • Introduction to and application of treatment interventions for trauma

  • Virtual EMDR

  • Powerful tuning into your energy and divine channeling.


There is a very UNIQUE way to heal trauma that incorporates

Science and Spirituality all while bringing

in therapeutic interventions.

Through prayer and meditation, I was guided to share my healing method on a greater level so that more people could experience the transformative benefits.

My signature trauma coaching sessions are available for you now.



My 1:1 Trauma Coaching Sessions are extremely powerful, and they are designed to guide you to healing. They include:

Are you READY for the full immersion experience that

will catapult your treatment and

move you through the healing process?

Are you Ready to be YOU again...


Are you Ready to LIVE life again...


Are you Ready to break FREE from the prison of your mind...

If you answered YES to these questions, click below to learn more and to apply. 




My signature programs, 

are 8 week interactive, digital courses that were created for you.


Join me in this program as I walk you through the healing process.

First we will begin with



CONQUERING is about gaining in depth knowledge on how trauma impacts us on multiple levels (i.e.- neurobiological changes, cognitive changes, emotional changes, and physical changes). You will also learn how to use the ideas of quantum mechanics to alter your perception of your world and your experiences.


Knowledge is POWER, and when peoplelearn how their brain's naturally respond to trauma, it is empowering. Also, when we gain knowledge about something that is impacting us, we can use that knowledge to help us to move into recovery. 

Then I will walk you through



Healing is about integrating the knowledge gained during CONQUER with very specific healing techniques. I identify 6 necessary components to healing. 

Lastly, I bring you to 



EMBODY is about incorporating the knowledge and the new found healing, and applying both to your life. This is where your transformation fully manifests. 

Here's what else you get with


  • 8 week program

  • Each module contains multiple video lessons

  • 8 live zoom group calls with me

  • Private Facebook Group, where I answer questions M-F

  • Lifetime Access to all recordings 


Here is what some of my clients have said about their experiences of healing from trauma while working with me:

Tara has helped me significantly on my healing journey working through the grief of losing my son. She puts her whole heart, soul, and knowledge into helping me by using many different techniques; techniques that are science, spiritual and holistic based. Through our sessions, Tara is helping me to not only SURVIVE but to once again THRIVE in life.

-Jennifer, New York

When I first met Tara, I felt like I needed to talk to someone about my posttraumatic stress related symptoms. I had this feeling as if I was living in a cloud, disconnected from the world, my family, my friends and my life in general. I was having anxiety attacks and was avoiding people, places, and crowds. My life felt like it was spinning out of control and I didn't know why. 

With the help of Tara, I am now free to experience all life has to offer. With her support and guidance, I have learned to be present in my daily activities. She has taught me how to surrender Tommy feelings and emotions and the actions of people around me which has in turn, provided me with a peaceful existence. With Tara's help, I have learned to get rid of the negativity in my life and in difficult times find the positivity in the situation. She has challenged me to learn and grow from difficult situations and see them as an opportunity for further personal growth.

- Joe, Retired Law Enforcement, New York

Is this program for you??

This program is NOT for individuals who:

  • Are unwilling to commit to the time required for healing.

  • Are unwilling to accept support and guidance.

  • Are unwilling to believe that they can heal from trauma

  • Are unwilling to try new strategies to achieve healing

  • Are just looking for a quick change without doing the work

  • Are unwilling to connect with other individuals within an online space

  • Are unwilling to financially invest in themselves

This program IS for individuals who:

  • Are willing to finally start the true healing process from trauma

  • Are ready and willing to do the work necessary to heal from their trauma

  • Are willing to commit to the discipline involved in the healing process

  • Are willing to be open-minded about unique and innovative treatment strategies

  • Are ready to live life again

  • Are willing to financially invest in themselves now, because not investing costs more. 

I need to do this!

I am so ready!
I am ready to heal my trauma!



You found this page for a reason.

It's time for YOU to finally heal

from your trauma.

You owe it to YOURSELF and

to your family.

Listen to your intuition.

It's guiding you to say YES to healing.

I know you. I am you. I love you. 

 - Tara Therese



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