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When I first discovered that I had Posttraumatic Stress years ago, it was a shock to the system. Even though at that time, I was a therapist, I still wasn't able to connect my own dots...that I had definitely been exposed to some highly traumatic events in my life...and that I was IMPACTED by these experiences.

I remember initially being in a state of overwhelm...reflecting on my life AND trying to understand how my exposure to trauma had impacted my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

I think it was a little too much for me at first...and after the initial overwhlem, I decided that embarking on a healing journey was what I needed to do.

It was a step by step process, where I incorporated my knowledge of science, particularly neuroscience, as well as evidence-based and compatible treatment interventions. Simultaneously, I found myself more and more working with individuals who had also been exposed to trauma. Unbeknownst to me, the Universe was not only supporting me in my own transformation, but also bringing people to me who needed to begin their own healing journey.

It was through this process, as well as my continued and ongoing research on new understandings and treatment strategies for posttraumatic stress, that I was able to move myself through my own healing journey in such a way that I have been able to succinctly identify the processes and steps needed in order for my clients to begin their healing journeys.

Sometimes it IS best when the person you choose to work with also fully gets what you have experienced. There is something so valuable about a shared experience and a mentoring type of relationship. Knowing that there is a way to heal, and that it can be done, because you know someone that has done it is worth more than most recognize.

Because I get where you are at, my sessions are warm, nurturing, and supportive...I UNDERSTAND. I also understand that what can be most helpful is learning the EXACT tools and strategies that you need to support you in your healing.

My sessions are STRONG in that my goal is to support you in your healing move you to a place where YOU can become confident in yourself and confident in your healing.


Teaching individuals how to CONQUER and HEAL from their trauma, so that they can EMBODY their true self is my PASSION. I believe so strongly that we can all start to heal from our traumas, and once we do, we can each create a beautiful ripple effect that spreads this love and healing to those around us.

You found this page for a reason. I believe your intuition/God/Universe...brought you here so that you could begin to embark on your healing journey. Movement toward healing is OUR natural inclination. It is who we were meant to be, our birthright.

You are here because YOU are ready to start healing NOW.

Take the next step, and book a session with me. I offer individual sessions or packages.

I can't wait to WORK with you and to SUPPORT you with LOVE on your healing journey.


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