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You are a woman who is ready to commit to a complete metamorphosis and to step into your power as the Sacred Feminine.


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You are a mental health or medical health professional who is seeking a deeper understanding of how trauma impacts the personal development of your clients. You are ready and willing to gain powerful, new understandings of trauma, neuroscience, and energetic mastery.

Can science and spirituality coexist? As a generally scientific person who has spent years involved in several research studies, served as an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate students about Research and Statistics, and currently about to defend my dissertation, I can say that I have an affinity towards scientific research. However, as a seasoned clinician, who has worked with active duty service members, law enforcement, members of uniformed services, mothers, and other individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives for the past 15 years, there is a strong aspect of both life and of healing that appears to defy science...enter spirituality. How could so many individuals who have experienced such adversity in their lives move through treatment successfully and also experience miraculous change? The evidence-based EMDR therapy that I incorporate into treatment definitely played a strong role, but at times, healing was so dramatic that I wondered if there could be more.


A few years ago, I began a disciplined, dedicated, and daily mindfulness practice.  Daily meditation was creating tremendous shifts in my thought patterns that I was experiencing rather quickly.  Further, as I maintained this practice, I began to recognize in a very profound way that there was something much greater than me very intimately involved in every aspect of my being. As I progressed, I experienced my own adversities, and as that happened, I sought the science that always seemed to have the answers. What I discovered was that science - molecular biology, physics, quantum physics were all asserting what I had come to know through my meditation practice - that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, and we co-create our lives and our experiences with a divine force. I discovered that I could incorporate my “scientific” interventions with divinely-inspired and mindfulness related education as a method for guiding individuals to transform their lives in ways that they never thought or believed possible.


This catalyst transformed the work that I do, and it deepened my desire to develop ways to engage and assist more individuals. The work that I do transforms individuals lives, and it enables and empowers them to take the learned skills and easily incorporate them into their lives - quickly - and with tangible results.


I encourage you to see what my clients have said about our work together. And please check out my service offerings for more detailed information on how I can support you in transforming your life - despite your current circumstances.


Nothing ever has to stay the way it is...change is always possible.

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