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I have been seeing Tara for several years, and she is by far the best therapist I have ever had. I suffer from debilitating anxiety due to PTSD, and through her therapy, I have made huge strides in overcoming this problem. She is kind, helpful, listens, and genuinely cares about what I have to say, no matter how minor it may seem to me.


Through standard therapy and EMDR, she has helped me uncover the root of this anxiety, and address it. She has always been highly communicative about what takes place, and she is also a consummate professional. I am beyond grateful that I found her, and she has changed my life for the better. Thank you! 


 - Joseph Long Island, NY

Several years ago, I found myself in a situation that I believed was hopeless. Although I had a great job and was well regarded in my field, I found myself extremely depressed. I was not the husband I should be, and I was close to divorce. My spiritual life had degraded, and I lived a life of guilt with a cycle of self-destructive behavior. I knew I needed help to live up to my full potential. The problem was I was traveling a tremendous amount, so a typical counseling relationship would not work.

I found Tara at an online counseling website. We met via phone and video conference. She helped me realize that many of the new struggles were not new, but had been there suppressed for years. Through traditional therapy and virtual EMDR therapy, I began to deal with the trauma that had been around in my life since childhood. In addition, we put together a game plan to help me grow spiritually and see the blessings around me.
Although life is not perfect, I can say that working with Tara has given me the tools to learn to enjoy life, appreciate my marriage, and grow closer to God. I am now much better off, and I continue to grow each day. 

 -Patrick, Malibu, California 

As a first responder with work related anxiety, I needed, but avoided therapy for many years. When I finally took the leap- it was Tara that cushioned my fall. Tara's calming presence, listening skills, and great energy helped me recognize how my past experiences affected my every day life.


A true professional, Tara always makes herself available, and her flexibility with appointments is amazing. I always hesitated starting therapy, thanks to Tara, and the value it has added to my life, I don't think I will ever give it up. 

 -Steve, Retired Law Enforcement, Long Island, New York

I first met Tara in the summer of 2014. During my annual physical in early summer 2014 I felt like I had needed to talk to someone about my posttraumatic stress related symptoms. I had this feeling as if I was living in a cloud, disconnected from the world, my family, my friends and my life in general. I was having anxiety attacks and was avoiding people, places and crowds. My life felt like it was spinning out of control and I did not know why.  

The day of my first session with Tara I was nervous about seeing a therapist. I did not really know what to expect as I had never sought treatment before. Tara was welcoming and kind and before she had a chance to even discuss the therapist / patient confidentiality agreement I was talking her ear off and using up all of her tissues. I felt immediately comfortable, at ease and safe. As I walked out of my first session with Tara she reminded me to reach out should I need to before our next session. I knew then that she cared about her clients beyond the 45 minute sessions. 

In the following weeks Tara suggested a treatment I had never heard of called EMDR. She explained how it worked and how it benefited people suffering from PTSD. With an open mind I agreed to try the EMDR therapy. I am amazed at the results. I have not forgotten the traumas I have experience but through the use of the EMDR therapy I can now move past them and they no longer control my emotions and actions leaving me with an optimistic view of life, something I have not felt in many years. With the help of Tara I feel that I am now free to experience all life has to offer. With her support and guidance I have learned to be present in my daily activities. She has taught me how to surrender to my feelings and emotions and the actions of people around me which has in turn provided me with a peaceful existence. With Tara’s help I have learned to get rid of the negativity in my life and in difficult times find the positivity in the situation. She has challenged me to learn and grow from difficult situations and see them as an opportunity for further personal growth.

I have been very fortunate to be able to work with Tara for approximately four years and during that time she has helped me become the best version of ME. I have come to value her insight and empathy and I see her dedication to helping those that need help. Tara is always introducing new and insightful ways to help me grow as a person. No matter how I feel when I walk into a session I always leave feeling inspired and optimistic for further growth. I often thank her for the help that she has provided and she says that I am the one who has done the work, maybe this is true but I believe that without her expertise and guidance I would not be where I am today. I am forever changed and forever grateful for the growth Tara has helped me to achieve.  


 - Joe,Retired Law Enforcement, Long Island, New York

Being a 9-11 first responder affected me in so many negative ways that I really did not know which way to turn. Being in treatment for a number of physical illnesses for many years, I was still in great mental distress over my conditions. After speaking with a fellow 9-11 first responder, he recommended Tara Bulin LCSW-R to me for treatment. I suffered from PTSD and Anxiety disorder and six certified physical illnesses that I contracted as a result of the time I spent at the TRADE CENTER SITE during the clean up. Having spent 26 days in a row and then off and on again at the site through February 1, 2002, it took its toll on my health. I was unable to deal with the stress of my failing health and the physical limitations I was now experiencing. Although I quickly dealt with the Trauma of the 9-11 event itself, it was all the after effects of my physical illnesses that limited my ability to enjoy my life. Through intensive counseling and EMDR therapy with Tara, I am now experiencing a much richer life that I was living. Although still physically sick, I now have tools to help me cope with the mental stress and pain caused by these conditions in a manner that allows me to function at a much higher mental capacity than I was prior to treatment with Tara Bulin. I am so grateful for Tara and South Bay Wellness. I am now able to mentally function and deal with my physical illnesses without the stress and pain I used to experience.

Thank you so much !!!

 - Zach, Long Island, NY

Over the past 4 years, Tara has impacted significantly on my healing journey working through the grief of losing my son. She has created an environment where I feel safe to share my innermost feelings on surviving his death.  Tara puts her whole heart, soul, and knowledge into helping me by using many different techniques; techniques that are science, spiritual and holistic based. She routinely goes “above and beyond” by staying current , sharing different coping mechanisms and other materials such as books, podcasts and life classes that align with where I am on my healing journey.

Through our sessions, Tara is helping me to not only SURVIVE but to once again THRIVE in life.

She is an excellent therapist and I highly recommend her to others.

Jennifer, Long Island, New York

I started in counseling with Tara 5 years ago when I was at the lowest point in my life. My marriage ended in divorce, and I didn't know how I could make it through the confusion, pain and trauma left behind by this loss.

I was a successful professional woman who could manage everything at work and yet here I was not even able to begin to accept where I was in my life. I felt broken and alone.

Tara introduced me to EMDR to help me deal with the trauma caused by the sudden loss of the marriage. I was in such pain I was willing to try anything. I quickly found relief from some of the recent experiences I had, and through the process over the next several months I was able to connect to other times in my life where feelings of loss, pain and confusion had been the same. I was not only was able to heal from the loss of my marriage, but from some old traumas of the past as well.

Today my life is better than I could have ever expected it to be. Not only have I moved on with my life but I have soared personally and professionally. I am incredibly grateful that my journey brought me to Tara and to where I am today living my life to the fullest. 

 - Lisa, Long Island, NY

I have been a patient of Tara Bulin for about four years now and I have found the shifts in my ways of thinking remarkable. There were many areas in my life where I struggled even though I am a strong, competent, successful woman. There were times when I presented myself as a lady in perfect control while inside I felt like a scared, worthless child.

With Tara's expertise in EMDR, and her guidance in our weekly sessions, I have made great strides in building my self esteem and achieving a higher degree of self love. I highly recommend Tara and the services she provides if your intention is to face your demons and eventually eliminate them. 

 - Marie, Long Island, NY

I was originally referred to Tara due to some mental health stress related symptoms. Since working with Tara, my mental health and personal growth has rebounded in ways that have been extraordinary. She has given me the tools that I've needed to keep me healthy and centered. Especially her suggestion of meditation...who knew, lol. 

She has been very professional while always being committed and accommodating to me as her client. You may think it is her solely helping you, when she has a quiet way of showing you how to empower yourself.

I would highly recommend Tara to anyone who is looking to regain their center, and mental and spiritual health, as well as experiencing surprising self growth.

 Mark, Retired Law Enforcement, Long Island, NY

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